How do I create a decision rule based on a failed task in control tower?

I have the following business process in the makings.
Is there a way to create a rule for when “grab reports” fails/throws an error?
Ideally I’d like outcome1 to be the result of the failure in the previous task and outcome2 to be the result of a success, should the task before it not fail.


Hi Martina,

If the bot task fails, then the whole process fails and further steps are not executed.

But you can implement the logic you need like this:

  • create a special Boolean variable (for example, ${step_successful}) with default value “true”
  • add exception handling to the first bot task, and if an exception occurs, set the value of this Boolean variable to “false”
  • in the decision rule, define condition for outcome 2 (success) as ${step_successful} equals “true”, and outcome 1 (failure) as ${step_successful} equals "false".

Hope it helps!

Hi Alesia,

Thanks for getting back to me quickly,

Quick question about this solution: will it be able to interrupt the bot in the middle of the task if this variable sets itself to false for failure or will the task have to conclude before the decision rule can be applied after it?

@martina_r if you put all actions in the task in the “Try to complete” part in the exception handling, if any action in the task fails, the bot will skip all other actions, will set the value of the variable to “false” and move on to the Rule step in the business process.