How do I know which Business Processes is running at the bots?

I’m testing Multi bots. I want to know which relay bots that distribute the Business Processes to the bots. In order to use the bot name for the location of the file, such as “C:\Users\WorkFusionRPABot4\Downloads\example.xlsx”.

Hi @nopparat_mueNq,
If I understand you correctly, you want to run a particular business process on a particular bot.
The flow now is that hub connects to any free node. So, basically, Business Process runs on any free bot to which it connects the fastest.
This thread may help you to configure what you need: RPA Express Server, local RDP sessions

Hope this helps!

@nopparat_mueNq it is also a good idea to put all local files the bot has to use in the process in a shared folder that all bots can access, for example, Public.

Since the example.xlsx file contains daily data updates and file sharing between each bot (number 4 bots), it is necessary to download new files every time they work. I solved the problem using Cmd or Excel. To get the User profile, enter the variable such as “WorkfusionRPABot4”, put it in a variable named “filename” to be merged with another part. “C:/Users/${filename}/Downloads/example.xlsx” to open the file.
PS My use of English is not good. May be difficult to understand. Thank you for the answer.

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Glad you got it solved @nopparat_mueNq