How do i run BP automatically

How can i start business-process not manually? Not from Control tower.
I mean what should i do to call this process to start from outside.


I believe to run them automatically you need to publish the process to Control Tower, Open Control Tower, and create a scheduled run.

I am doing this test myself today, setting the run time to be every weekday at 2AM.

I will post my results tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Scheduled sounds nice, but it’s pretty simple. Also it’s still from control tower. I want some other actions to trigger process start. Like if bot could start working on recieving a mail or a task in other system.

Well, not sure if I did something wrong or not (WF Support, see screenshot) but my scheduled run did not run at 2 AM this morning.

For the Input File, I used the same input file as what was in my manual run.

But interestingly, when I download and open the input file, I see no real data.


I am going to point to a “real” input file and see what happens tomorrow.

Hi Jim, the start of the schedule period is 05/25, 5:40 pm. Looks like it just hasn’t started yet, so the bot wasn’t triggered.
As the bot is supposed to run only on working days, the first time it will run will be on Monday, 05/27, at 2am.

Hi Alesia!

Yes! I see this now!! Thanks!

What about the input file? Is it to be the one that was in my manual run, or a “real” input file with data to be used in the process?

No, this is not the real input data. This file is generated for each process if you don’t use input data file in the Data tab.

You can see your input data in the Data tab How to Utilize all Bots on a single Process - RPA Express 2.0