How do I use a result from Excel - 'Get Column'?

I’m practicing to RPA Express now. I watch some videos on YouTube.
Could you check this link at

I want to follow this tutorial.
but I face a problem at 2:49.

at first , I get a resut from ‘Get Column’(Excel)
but I can’t select ‘company’ that I defined in ‘Foe Each’
How do I solve the problem?

actually, RPA Express has changed of their version already.
Could you someone tell me the solution?

Hi @kswpy438x

When you add “For each” loop, the default variable name is “element”.

But you can rename it. For example, to “company”, as in the video.

But make sure the action in which you select it is nested inside the For each loop.

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Thank you for replying.

honestly, my select was not nested inside the ‘For each’ loop
so I could solve the problem now.

I should be more careful before asking.

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We all make mistakes when learning :slightly_smiling_face: Glad I could help

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