How do we directly copypaste data from invoice to website?


So we have new project requirements now, we have to collect data from invoice instead of excel sheet then paste it onto the website.

1.So by which method it can be done, we want the whole process to go in fewer steps, do we need to use ocr as the invoice is in pdf?
2. also, can it be possible to collect all the data from pdf in the background just like excel & pasting onto the web without involving too many steps like minimizing, maximizing, other mouse click actions?
3. we don’t wanna use excel anymore

Thanks @ashapkina @timriewe

Hi @DesertEagle

Are the .pdf files you are referring to editable, or are they image based (scans of the document)?

For the image (scanned documents) type, you will need to utilize OCR.

Your other questions will be based on the type of .pdf file as well.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

image based they are,

For ex; I just want to open 5 invoices one by one & paste its data using ocr onto the website instead of getting it from excel sheet, anysolution plz share?

The image based .pdf will require OCR to gather the data. Each OCR capture is placed into a string variable which you declare in WF Studio. You can utilize those variables to paste the values directly into the website using Xpaths or clipboard functions.

For image style .pdf files that are generally of a variable format, you may need to look at machine learning functions, which @ashapkina will be able to give you more information on.

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If all the invoices have the same format and good quality scans it should not be a difficult task to do it with OCR. If the format varies from invoice to invoice, meaning the data like invoice number, VAT number, total amount, VAT amount etc. are in different positions in each invoice then you need to create the OCR steps individually for each invoice format.

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