How does get range excel function work for iterations

good day

how does the get range function work if I want to use the info to tell the bot how many time to loop a specific task?

I kepp on getting a no signature of method error


Please add more description and screenshots. Your zipped recording folder will also help us understand your issue

Hello Gerhardus,
could you please be more specific with your question: are you interesting in using loop repeating a set of actions for several times?

Waiting for your reply and thank you.
Lizaveta Stsepanenka
WorkFusion Service Desk

yes, for example today i want to repeat a specific loop 10 times, tomorrow maybe 20 times.

the process is as follows: extract excel report from a system. use each line item in a specific process to check status for example if a customer is due.

so it will iterate through each row in the spreadsheet depending on how many rows there is. THe amount of rows is the variable

  1. You can use the Get Range with empty parameters - all these rows will be put into your Table variable (e.g. my_table)
  2. Then you add a For Each loop and pass the my_table as a parameter for this loop.
  3. Add your actions inside the For Each loop

See more info here: