How does scheduling work in the Control Tower?

Hi all,

Recently I have been trying to schedule processes to run after one another using the Control Tower scheduler.

This appeared to work initially; however, at some point in time I attempted to schedule three tasks after one another and the whole thing stalled. Thinking that something had gone wrong, I figured that the process had simply failed; however I couldn’t find that out easily because there seems to be no clear audit trail when scheduling processes as opposed to running them directly as a business process.

After ‘deleting’ the business processes from the schedule panel and rebooting my PC, I assumed that said processes had now been terminated and deleted from the system. However, when I started RPA Express again the processes were suddenly running, which suggests to me that these schedules are like requests to a server - once sent they cannot be retrieved, or can they?


  1. Is there an accessible audit trail for processes ran in the scheduler?
  2. Can I ‘terminate’ a process once scheduled and ‘started’? There only seems to be a ‘pause’ option and no other way to actually ‘stop’ the process.
  3. Why did I encounter the aforementioned incident, where the three tasks ran about an hour after I had originally scheduled them?

If I could get answers to these questions I’d be extremely grateful.

Thank you very much.


To stop new processes scheduled creation, you need to:

  1. go to Schedules

  2. Select Schedules you want to stop

  3. click the Pause or Delete button.

  4. Also chack that all the process instances created by the Scheduler are stopped: