How does the bot work?


I want to know how the bot work with separate Infrastructure between Application Server and Workstation.
E.g: Application Server run on the device A and Workstation on device B.

I try to run it from Control Tower but the bot run on device A instead of device B.
How to make it run in the device B?

Thank you.

Best Regards,

Hi William,

The system was designed the way so the bots will be developed on Workstation machines and will run only on the Server. If you have workstation and server installed on separate machines, bots published to Control Tower will run only on the Server machine.

If you want to run the bot on the local machine, where the Workstation is installed, you can:

  • run it directly from WorkFusion Studio on the workstation
  • reinstall RPA Express on your local machine: install both workstation and server components, and publish and run bots on the local Control Tower.

Hope it helps!