How to add multiple recordings to a single business process?

I am unable to add recorder’s bots to the work flow diagram and having it point to “recorder”

Every time I add a bot it becomes “Basic” with a new Unique Identifier.

For example.


Business process Test

What I want it to do is:

<-- recording or published to control tower <-- recording or published to control tower

Hi Alvin,

After you’ve published both recordings to Control Tower, you can create a business process and add the recordings as bot tasks to the workflow.

In the business process Design tab, just drag a bot task box to the workflow, and then drag the required recording to the box as shown below.

We will soon publish a guide on creating business processes in the knowledge base.

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Hi Alesia, I can’t see the image you’ve posted in your last post concerning the drag of the recording to the bot task box.

Can u specify how to do that?


nevermind, solved

Goncalo, I just updated the image.
In order to add a bot task to the process, you just need to find the bot task in the search and drag it to the box.

The problem is the right tab bar is hidden, and I didn’t know its existence…


I suggest making it more visible for users to know it is there.

Hm, weird. It is supposed to be visible by default when you open the Design tab.
Maybe, you accidentally hid it previously, so it was absent when you were opened the Design tab this time.

After I upgraded to 1.1.9 from 1.1.8 it was on the right side for me. I opened this issue when version was at 1.1.8.

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I published my recording to the control tower but had to change the design of the workflow in order to repeat the 2 last processes until there is no more work to validate.

As I expected I wasn’t able to run it, since I divided the actions flow in 3 different processes. How can I define the bot task for each process? Is it a feature only available on SPA?



Has the guide on Control Tower and Schedules been published?

@jdoering Not yet. Will publish it within a couple of weeks.

Waiting with bated breath for it. Many unasked questions awaiting otherwise :slightly_smiling_face:

Will this also provide detail on the daily maintenance needed to keep Control Tower running and log files not blowing up to massive sizes? Azinchuk referenced it previously that log files should be deleted daily but did not specify which directory/files.

Also have thousands of Data Stores - Any way to delete those fast? Thanks for the help.

@ashapkina Hi, i tried to follow the steps to connect two published bot tasks in a workflow, but have been getting errors.

The first tasks get the data, there is a parameter in the first task that is used in the second tasks to send the email. Not sure why it is giving so many validation errors.

It looks like the tasks are not connected. You need to drag the arrow till the bot task becomes green like in this guide:

Thanks it is working.

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