How to add new break point to the robot?

How to add new break point to the workfusion studio robot ? And how to debug the code as when I click run it just opens the same new workfusion studio?


To enable Debug Mode in RPA Express Studio you need to click the “bug” icon: image

To add a break point open your Bot Script and double click the line number you wish to put a break point on.
Then run your script in Debug As mode.

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Its still not working. I have tried clicking the bug button it opens new workfusion studio window. double click on number does not adds the debug option there and also when tried play recording option it gave me error asDebugError

Please look into this as i am looking for robot with nearly 100 steps and if there is an error somewhere i need to be known with the debug part. I cannot run the robot all the time to find the issues.

Thank you.

Or else can you help me with the video to do the same ?

You can find the solution to this exception here RPA Express 2.0 - Execution error - MalformedURLException

As for debugging, try this approach:

  • export your recording to a bot task
  • set breakpoints (double click on the line number as @vitaly_pustoZi suggested)
  • select Debug - as 1 bot task


You’ll be asked to switch to the Debug perspective after the 1st breakpoint.

Press Resume button to resume execution after each breakpoint.

I will put this on the list of video tutorials to create.

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Thanks Alesia,

I did not know about this capability.

BTW - It’s also a great way to see example code converted into well formed Groovy examples :grinning:

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Thank you Alesia

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