How to attach to existing browser?

Hi, I have to click on the hyperlink in an email. Then I need to automate browser that was opened by hyperlink.
Can you please suggest me, how to achieve this? Thanks in advance!

P.S. Please take this on priority. It’s very important.

Hello @Atul.
Is your question about how to open new tab in the existing browser window?

Hi @Lera, No, My question is: There is a hyperlink in email. If I click on that hyperlink, It opens a Webpage in browser. So, How to continue processing with that webpage.

And I don’t want to automate Outlook using keyboard or mouse action. So can you please provide me custom script to perform the above. Thanks

Hi @Atul ,

I can think of two ways to do it. The first one tries to use the “Switch to Browser” action. The other option is to take the hyperlink and pass it to a variable, in this way you can use the action “Open website” with the variable (which contains the URL of the hyperlink). In these two ways you can have the page already captured and you can use it at any time. I really do not know if the first one (the simplest one) can be viable, so I recommend you try the second option directly.


Hi @druizvar, Thanks for your suggestion. But to store URL of hyperlink, I have to read email. And I don’t want to use keyboard and mouse action. So do you have any idea, How to read email using code editor.

Try to action “Switch to Browser”…

If not… Try with “Application” and “Images/OCR” actions to navigate on the browser.

I don’t remember anothers options right now.

For read Outlook you need a script or do with “Application” action, no more.

In addition to @druizvar’s advice, try switching to the browser window using this script