How to automate CFDI with RPA Express

I’m working on a process for RH and we are trying to automate with RPA express process which Validates CFDI (Payment recepits), where:

First we enter that is a portal that our system has for paysheets, in there we validate operations, and after validating them we download an excel report from those validated reports and a excel template with information to be compared, once we downloaded both we open also a master document with the information of every employee, and we start
comparing the Excel with the master document first to validate personal data like social security number, antiquity etc.
Once comapred we use also the template with downloaded and compare numbers. if everything is the same, we return to and generate a .TXT document and make a check out for the dates on this archive. Once everything squares out we wait for an hour and enter EdiCOM (portal through internet) and check if there are some errors, if not it accepts it and the online signature is made. If there is a mistake the errors are sent to the Systems department to make corrections and when the corrections are confirmed the process starts all over again.

Is this process easy to automate with RPA express? Any tips or suggestions?

José Manuel Mota Salazar
Information Systems Trainee
Philip Morris International.

Hi Jose,

It seems like the process can be automated using RPA Express.
You can use xpath and image recognition when working in the web applications, and excel actions to retrieve and compare the data in excel.
By the way, what is the format of the master document with the employee information? If it is image or PDF, you might need to use OCR to extract the required data.
You can create two business processes (one resulting in generation of a .txt document, the other one to check for errors) and schedule then to run with an hour gap in the Control Tower.

Hope this helps.

By the way, there is a use case challenge where you can submit your use case and, in case our experts select it, they help you implement it. You are free to submit your use case there.

Feel free to ask any other questions if I missed some details.


Hello, starting to automate the process I found my first problem.
When we select via peopleNet (portal) the payroll we are going to validate, we select it for different dates and
type of employee, as shown in the picture. How could I automate this, if the dates and employees are different each time?

If the information is in excel format, you can retrieve it using Get range (row, column - whichever is applicable) action, save to a Table or List variable and then iterate through the table or list using Loops.

If it is in Text format, you can use the Read file action to copy it from the file, save to a String variable, and then use Text actions to select the required data from the string, and use Loops.

By the way, we have a course on RPA Express in our Automation academy. It is free for community members and covers the main functionality of the tool. Please feel free to sign up for it if you want.