How to automate the downloading of files from Chrome?


I was automating the exportation of files from my application browser. However, I hit an error while trying to save the file to my download folder. I am using the pop-out save as dialog box in google. I suspect the error arose because RPA wasn’t unable to switch to the “save as” window, even though I tried to add one (using windows action - and searching for the save-as dialog box). Any solutions?

@kyeo so do you have a Window action in the script to switch to the Save As window? or did you not manage to add it?

Hi, I was trying to use the save-as window to download and re-name my files, before depositing it in my chosen location. However, an RPA opened browser, automatically sets the auto-download preference by default, hence I was trying to figure out how I can enable the save-as window setting in Chrome instead. My solution only works in Chrome, hence I would need a Chrome specific solution.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

@kyeo do you use RPA Recorder or the Code perspective in the Studio to build the script?

Hi, I’m using actions to build my bot in the studio. As the information is sensitive, forgive me that I’m unable to share my bot file in this forum.

You can open the page chrome://settings/downloads at the beginning of the script and click the toggle to always ask where to download files.