How to automatically restart Workfusion when Windows restarts?

Hi Workfusion,

I need the Workfusion to start up automatically when the server reboots, how can we do that?

We are using Version 2.4.0, WorkFusion Intelligent Automation Cloud Enterprise.

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Michael Callisen

@mc1 you just need to set the component to “Always Running” mode in the Components tab


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Hi Ashapkina,
Yes that looks to be working but does that mean the BOT will start regardless if I log into the server when restarted?

What services should be monitored to ensure that everything is working after a restart?

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If you have a schedule, your business processes will start automatically according to this schedule - no need to log into Control Tower.

As for the services, you should have a mysql, several java and postgres processes in the Process Exlorer. See more details here:

Hi Ashpkina

I am asking which services you need to monitor (not the task menu) when the server is restarting. I cannot see any services when I am working in the studio - hence I am asking.

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The processes in the application are not started as services, so there are no services you can monitor.

OK thanks

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Hi Team,

I have deployed one of project on server which is developed on very old version. I have scheduled that project on daily basis and its working fine.

Now question is that whenever I reboot my server I need to manually start work fusion services and control tower. Is any other way to restart this services automatically whenever server will reboot. :slight_smile:

Hi @amol_sonavane yes, you can do it. See the thread above.

Hi Ashapkina,

How about the log files. Is there a way to kill the Workfusion service without having to manually login to the server and kill all relevat log files and start the service again?

Above is from an IT administrator perspektive, where you don’t want to do the above manually?

Also which log should we manually clean up because it build up very quickly?

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Hi Ashapkina

how to open component tab?

Hi Ashapkina,

I would like to be able to script everything to avoid manual server management.

  1. Turn off Workfusion to be able to delete log files.
  2. Delete log file (tomcat + SQL log files … where are they located)
  3. Turn on Workfusion and set the mode to alway running

Can this be done using powershell or other scripting?
Which log files has to be deleted, because it’s growing to fast?

BR Michael


can you please tell me where is componenet tab?

@amol_sonavane what version of RPA Express do you use?

that project was done on 1.2 version

can you please tell me where I need search component tab in version 1.2

@amol_sonavane there is no Components tab in version 1.2.

The only way can suggest for such an old version of the application is to change the settings manually as described in this topic

Hi Ashapkian

expres.yml file is not there. Can you please tell me where need to do changes

Check the file rpaxwin.yml. However, 1.2 is a very old version, it was still beta, and we don’t support it anymore, so we cannot guarantee it will work correctly as the instruction was provided for a newer version.

Ok ashapkina thanks