How to capture information between 2 tabs in website?


I need to capture data from a web site, which further opens a POP Up window. Again need to capture info from the POP Up window. Doing it using web elements attributes of rpa express but unable to capture pop ups.



please add more details - screenshots of the popup, is it a new browser window, tab, or is it a modal window?

maybe you can post a url to the website


@gaurav_durejaU - please respond to the message above


is the “Grant permissions” a new browser window?


Yes, the window with title Grant Permissions is a new browser window.



thanks for reporting this case - we are going to provide an ability to switch to new browser window in the next release.

Meanwhile, you can use the window action and using keyboard or mouse clicks (image-based).


Thanks for the update. When can we expect your next release.?


We plan a special Christmas release :christmas_tree::gift: