How to change the browser during publishing the recording to WorkFusion?



Hi, I have question regarding RPA Express Recorder.
I made successfully working script and have sent it to WorkFusion. After that it automatically aprear pop up window with the question about opening WorkFusion app. I agreed and now is my issue. On my laptop I have configured the chrom default browser. Unfortunately WorkFusion is opening the IE that is not supported. Is there any possibility to change kind of browser? Is it configurable somewhere?


@nwojcik - it should be opened in your default browser.

Anyway, you can open the WorkFusion Control Tower from tray menu, and the process will be there:

Or just open it manually using this link in any browser - http://rpa-express.local:15280/workfusion/secure/business-processes


Yes, you have right - launching WorkFusion control tower from tray menu works well (chrom). However it doesn’t work well during sending recording (IE). I had a hope of finding some work around to not opening separate browser and switching between windows.
thanks for your help