How to change the number of bots after install?


I selected 9 bots during installation (Core i7, 16 GB RAM), but I want to reduce the number of bots, now, to save system resources. How can I do that?

2nd question: when the bots are started, Windows asks me for the password of the bots WorkfusionRPAbot1, WorkfusionRPAbot2, etc. What is the password for them?


@andreas_meier Hi Andreas.
Unfortunately, the only way now to remove redundant bots is to uninstall RPA Express and then install it back and choose a different number of bots.

The bug with the bot passwords has been fixed. The fixed build will be released next week.


Is the new release for RPA released, please let me know the password for the bot.


Hi @prince_sidan1a,
The new version is out.
We have changed the download and installation flow, so you need to fill in the registration form to download the new version

The bug with bot passwords has been fixed, you will not need to insert it when the bots start.

Thanks for the Reply.
One thing I would like to know is this possible that we can map business process with a bot. I mean can we instruct a BP to run on a specific bot so that one BP will always run on bot1 and another will always run on bot 2


@prince_sidan1a you can configure it in SPA (link to the guide:, but not in RPA Express.

Thanks for the reply. This is really helpful. Can you please also provide the link where i can find how to Map different RPA Hubs with single Control tower(application server). I tried to find on RPA kb but not able to find out.


@prince_sidan1a do you use SPA?

Yes i do haveā€¦

Here it is