How to clear cookies on demand

Hi all,

Has anyone been able to determine how to clear cookies on-demand using the Chrome driver? We enter addresses into websites, and need to clear the cookies between each address entry.

Also, has anyone heard when incognito mode will be available to use? That would suffice I would imagine.’


We don’t have ETA for the incognito mode yet.
In the meantime, you can clear the cookies using keystrokes:
add some wait time
(Ctrl+w) to close the tab.

OK, we will give this a try!

But, how will this be affected by having multiple bots running simultaneously? Does each bot have it’s own understanding of which browser window it is controlling, and will the clear cookies command only affect the window in question or all windows?

And, I know this is complicated, so I appreciate your help understanding how this will work in a larger scale implementation!

Yes, each bot will start its own new session in Chrome, and if you delete the cookies after each address entry it only affects this session and this one page.
The next time the bot opens Chrome (in another business process, for example) it again creates a new session and doesn’t save any information from the previous session.

Thanks so much Alesia!

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