How to click on changing image with fixed position

I am trying to click on a image on a website, the changing image is always changing but in a fixed position. I can’t use the xpath as it is always changing too.
Can it be done by RPA? I have tried drag mouse, co-ordinates etc… but couldnt get it to click on that particular position.
Any advice?

Hi @linny, mouse click on coordinates should do that.

Thanks, I tried…it seem to work for X for not for Y. I am using Version 1.4.0-beta. It seem to be working when using the 2.0 version.

@linny You are right, we had a bug with mouse click on coordinates in 1.4.0, but it was fixed for 2.0.

Hi @ashapkina,

How can we identify X and Y positions in beta(Main Frame Application).
I am not able to understand how to recognize X and Y position.Could you please help me.
Please let me know the process of how to find the coordinates.

Kindly help.
Thank you in advance

@ravikumar177 you can record your actions using Insert recording option, and then change the option in Mouse actions to Position.

Could you please send screenshot or any example.
This will help me to understand better

@ravikumar177 I’m not sure I understand.

You just need to press Insert recording and record the actions you need to perform. The coordinates will be recorded, too.


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