How to click through a Window table?


I have a window table with multiple rows. I need to click through all the rows. How do I do that in RPA express.

In other tools, I capture the properties of the table and increment each row by one to click on the rows. But RPA express is image based , so how do I click on each row dynamically ?


@sampad_das_PwC2 - can you please give more details about the application, maybe a screenshot?

As a workaround, you can use the keyboard arrow keys to navigate through the table.


Unfortunately ,I cant share the screenshot.

look at it like a web table,which is basically made with Java and looks like a window table.


@sampad_das_PwC2 - can you navigate using the keyboard?


Navigating using keyboard is an option BUT the challenge will be how many Tab out as sometimes the table has 5 rows, sometime 6 or sometime 3.

I dont think I have any property in RPA express to count no.of rows.


can you use CTRL + A to get all the data to the clipboard?



please answer the last question.


Yes… Thats the approach i plan to use… copy all the data to excel and then get row count.

But its very tedious !