How to Close or switch-and-close window using name from a variable



Hi WorkFusion team,

I have a requirement where I need to close IE windows opened by the bot during each iteration. The name of these IE windows is not previously known, but can be stored when they are opened in using ‘Get window title’. The control goes to multiple applications hence the page cannot be directly closed at this point nor cannot be switched using ALT+TAB. How can I achieve this operation?



Hi, @BShanbhag_D, use “Open application” action to start IE, and then, set parameter “Close on completion” in Window ->Preferences


Thanks it worked perfectly. I am curious about another option in Windows->Preferences->General - Always run in background. Will making this ‘On’ make the recording run in background?


Hi WorkFusion Team,

Can you tell me the application of Windows->Preferences->General - Always run in background option in RPA express recorder.