How to Combine List variables?

I have to generate a string where it has four fields separated by some separator. All the data are available in an excel sheet in 4 columns each having about 10 rows and now i want to combine all the data fields into a string of the format:


Where in, i can use substring option to process the data later.
As a workaround i used get range option and have created something like:

data1|||???data2--------------------> list1
data3###%%%data4 --------------> list2

Now wanted to combine both the list into a single string. Kindly suggest the possible way to get the desired output. Also suggest if some other options can be done too.

Try using Constant value to combine all lists in one string, and then just remove the brackets.

The result will be a string like this (891 Bytes)

Thanks for the reply. can we get the final string output be something like each data in the list to be combined together as below:
and so on…
For a workaround i copied the values from list1 and list2 to two columns in excel and using get range i got those values into an table variable and combined together into strings. This approach gave the result as expected but got connectors in the cell where no data is available. Kindly help.

So in the end you need several strings, not one?

Yes it will be several strings stored in a list/table variable

Then you can read the excel data to a Table, and then combine values from each rows in a string, and append to a List variable at the end. (795 Bytes)