How to compare two columns of one variable-table?




I am copying a table from Excel to a table-variable called “kbl_table”. Thereafter I want to compare the columns 2 and 4 of the “kbl_table”. If they are identical nothing should happen, if they are different the respective row from the “kbl_table” should be written to the “mismatches” table-variable.

Apparently I am doing something wrong, but I have no idea what… I searched the Workfusion forums and Google, but without success :-/

Thanks in advance



Thanks for your interesting case!

Here is how you can solve it: (2.5 KB)

It is not very simple solution, but it is a working one.

We are planning to introduce Indexes for Tables and Lists in future releases to do this operation in one line, something like:

${my_table[1][2] != ${my_table[1][4]}}

Please vote for this feature to help us prioritize. Thanks.

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That is great ! You are a genius, thank you so much :star_struck: