How to configure workfusion recorder to publish a recording to particular control tower?


is there any way/configuration available to for workfusion recorder to publish a recording to particular control tower?


Can you describe your use case? Why do you need to publish to another Control Tower?


lets suppose I recorded a business flow and published on the local instance, now I want to publish it to prod instance then the way is to export the zip of the process and upload it to remote server. Is there any way to configure two/multiple control towers which can be published from RPA Recorder?
see below image, highlighted section I am referring to. Tx. publish

Great question! I have the same issue in that once the “Bot” is complete, UAT is finished and ready for production, I need to move it to the Production VM and configure the production pieces - File locations, login details, etc. Today, I have the planned the following as part of change control:

  1. Create zip file for my RPA recording folder including .png, rpae, and other files
  2. Copy to the same folder on my Production “user”
  3. Update the local files as needed and any environment specific variables - folders, user id’s, etc
  4. Test
  5. Upload to Control Tower, update/create schedule
  6. Monitor and verify

Any changes / suggestions?

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hi @nitish, @jdoering,

Currently RPA Recorder in RPA Express can publish recordings only to your local Control Tower.

But you can use the Package functionality to export/import your business processes from one Control Tower to another.

thanks @azinchuk