How to convert a date variable to string "yyyymmdd"


As subject, how can I get a string variable with string variable to display current date as “yyyymmdd” format?
For example, the variable for today should be “20171203”



currently there is no single action for this type of conversion. It is planned for the next release.

Meanwhile you can do something like this: (32.1 KB)


Get it! Thanks with the help.


I tried this solution, but the didnt worked in Control Tower. Error was groovy.lang.MissingMethodException.

Can anybody help me get out of this


I think can’t copy all. different computer has different date format.
but the concept is to copy to clipboard, and then transfer to a string variable, then adjust the date format.


I used python to format time, you can copy the following command:

    import pyperclip,datetime

save to a py and then create a bat file:
at last, run the bat file and set the clipboard to a variable
but at first, you need to install python