How to convert Groovy function to Custom Script for return Excel version information


There is one function in Groovy that can return the version of Excel application.
How to convert it to Custom Script?
Thank you!

  import com.jacob.activeX.ActiveXComponent;

   ActiveXComponent excel = new ActiveXComponent("Excel.Application");
   println("version = " + excel.getProperty("Version"))

Is there some solution? Because the bot will use different action flows in Office2013 / Office365 / other versions, such as click the different button in different Outlook/Excel UI.

Dear all,

There’s a solution that could get the current Excel version by CMD + Substring Between.
cmd variable = reg query "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Excel.Application\CurVer"
Captures & File for your reference.
Actions Flow

execution-result.csv (1.1 KB)