How to copy variables from one recording to another?

I have a recording with 50 variables. If I want to copy all these variables to another recording, then what is the optimized solution than copying each and every variable to another recording?


Hi Stuti, Welcome to WorkFusion Forum :grinning:

You can just copy the .variables file from one recording’s folder to the other’s.



Hi Alesia,

I don’t find the .variables files in the recording’s folder. There are APNG’s, 1 .CSV, 1 .Groovy, PNG’s, 1 .RPAe and 1 .XML files in my workspace. Is it another folder?

I tried copying the variables in the CSV but it didn’t work.


@f_herrera That’s right, we now store variables right in the script, so when you copy a script and open it in the recorder all variables are there - no need to copy them.
Do you need to copy variables to a new script, without copying the original script?

I copied the actions from one window to the other, not the script itself. Do I need to do so? How?

Thank you

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