How to create a custom script to filter a datatable?

Is it possible to create a custom script for filtering a datatable on the basis of comparing any two columns and updating in the same datatable?

Can you share more details?
How exactly do you need to compare two columns, check if they are they are the same?
If possible, please share a sample data file.

Suppose i have these two tables from where i am extracting one table’s column value and comparing with other if it exists it shoud return (36.6 KB)

Here in this document how to check “E” column of trail excel sheet to “F” column of bank statement and return true to the “H” value using custom script

Looks like it is the same case as you posted in this thread

Yes it is… but if it would rather solved with custom script it can solve performance issue

Because there are multiple of rules that we nee to apply for checking these columns which can create ambiguity if there would be multiples of for each and if else. Or could you suggest me any action of filter that can filter the columns?

You can use several nested If-Else actions in the script.
You can also try using a custom action similar to this one to check several conditions at once

But I’m not sure it will increase the speed of execution as the bot will still need to check the conditions for each row/cell.

But is there any workaround of custom script for the documents shared for comparison??

You can re-use this script sample for conditions that you need to check, just replace it with correct variables and values.

Thanks ashpkina… But if it is required ti filter data or compare data using this script then custom script producing error.if we simple wants to compare data between two table then how to do that… Could you please explain me with the simple example?

@mk15, in this case, it is better to use several If conditions as shown as in the post above.

I need to get a single cell value from excel 1 and compare the same with another entire column in excel 2.
Can we use script for it??

You can do it using Condition action.

The result only displays the else part even though the value is available in the excel 2.

Can you share the screenshot of the action and the values in the cell and the column you compare it to?

Thank you.

i have attached the screenshot of it.

Please share the If-Else action with actions details like below

Also, are you sure the values in the cell and in the column are the same? You can check them in the execution-result.log