How to delete blank list

Hi i have a question about variable list in rpa express
how to remove blank space in list variable ?
actually i just copy 1 data but when i see the log file its copied 2 data list%20problem

Hi @aferdiansyah do you copy this list from Excel (via Get row or Get column)?

yes @ashapkina i copied from excel… via clipboard (set variable value from clipboard)

@aferdiansyah it is possible that there used to be some data in the cells that are now blank, so the Recorder copied a blank cell to a list.

You can either go to Excel file and delete these cells (bot just the data in them)to make sure no blank cells are copied, or you can review the List variable after copying the values:

For each element in the List:

  • if the element is not blank - append it to another list variable
  • else - do nothing

and then use another list variable in the recording.

Here is a small example ( you need to insert filepath for it to work).
list.rar (23.4 KB)

thank you @ashapkina it’s work

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