How to delete old campaigns from scheduler in Control Tower


Hi. I’m trying to clean up old tests and dual entries Control Tower.
I have cleaned up and deleted old business processes, but under Campaign in Schedules there are still alot of old junk that I want to remove to avoid confusion. I havent seen any logical place to delete this. How can I clean up?


Hi @Krogsveen, you should be able to delete all schedules using the Delete button.
Maybe, I misunderstood your question? Could you post the screenshot of the schedules you want to delete?



Hi and thank you for your reply. English is not my native language so I can understand if there was some confusion. I have attached a picture of what I was trying to refer to.


@Krogsveen Thank you.
There is no option to delete these campaigns now.

As a workaround, you can export the business processes you need to keep, uninstall RPA Express, delete RPA Express folder and Control Tower folder, install RPA Express and import the business processes back.

These campaigns will disappear from the Control Tower.