How to delete Published Business Process from Control tower?


I’ve published some test Business Processes to Control Tower and now I need to delete them, in order not to be accessible during a new Business Process creation. Unfortunately I didn’t found any options for that in GUI or kb.
Is there a way to do it?

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To delete the process, click the on the right and select Delete

or check the box on the left and press Delete button.

This only deletes the execution history of the process, correct?
I want to clear the process and not be available on workflows and schedules creation.
Delete all…
Still there…

Oh, yes, the process instances are currently kept in the scheduler.

We are planning to fix it for the future releases. There is no ETA yet, though. I’ll find out and post here when this fix can be implemented.

The way to get rid of old unnecessary business processes is to create a backup of the processes you need, re-install RPA Express, and import the backed-up processes in the Control Tower.

Thank you.

I created and deleted few Business Processes (BP).

and then I found the name of BPs on the [Task or Process Definition] list. when I create schedule.

yep i wanted to ignore this, but here’s a problem.

if i create BP as same name as deleted BP, how can I know which one is working properly?

There is currently no feature for deleting business processes from Control Tower entirely (except re-installing RPA Express), so you shouldn’t create BPs with the same name.

There is a voting topic for adding this feature to Control Tower. Please vote for it.

Is there any solution for this to delete BP without reinstalling RPA Express?

@rodel.sarate only in Enterprise edition (SPA). In RPA Express, it is still kept in the campaigns after it is deleted from the list of processes.

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Is there a step-by-step description of how to properly execute the backup, how to uninstall WorkFusion, re-install, and import the backed up processes?

I appreciate your help.