How to determine if a search result in Excel is positive or negative


in my process I search through an Excel sheet for a specific value coming from a variable:

  • Keystrokes (CTRL-F) - to open the search dialogue in Excel
  • Keystrokes (from variable “searchterm”) - to put in the search term
  • Keystrokes (ENTER) - to start the search

I have not found a way that RPAx recognizes if the search result in Excel is positive (search term found) or negative (search term not found). Depending on that result I want the process to do one action or another.

Any ideas?


Hi, @timriewe
When you search with negative outcome
there will by a window error.

You can use
"Try to complete" -> Switch to this window
If it will not - that means that there is result. Close search box and press CTRL+C to get value