How to download files from a webpage?

Hi All,

I would like to know how to download files from a webpage.

In my process I download files from webpage in zip, xlsx formats. Once I click the download button the files are being downloaded but how to wait until the file is downloaded completely. Since the file size varies for each download inserting wait does not provide a complete solution when the wait is over the files are downloaded partially. Kindly provide a solution/workaround how to automate downloads.

Hello @Arthi.
Do you have any progress bar or status of downloaded on a webpage? By the way, which browser do you use to download files?

I use IE to download the files and yes it has a progress bar displaying the file download status

Thank you. As I remember, IE should show some pop-up with text like that “‘your file’ download is completed”. Do you have something of this during downloading?

Also please advise whether you know file names. If yes, perhaps it will be more convenient to check file names in specific folder. If they don’t exist, wait for some period.

Thank you for instant reply. Yes once the file is downloaded it shows file download successfully.
No the file names are not known before downloading.

I think, in this case you can try with “Wait For Image” to check whether your file was downloaded. I added link to KB with the description of action:

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