How to download project from Control Tower?

I want to download project from control tower for example account payable and run it locally on my machine. how to downlaod it. Please help

Hi @aayush1997g,

You can export a project and import it in another Control Tower and run there, but you cannot download it and use in RPA Express recorder.

thanks for the reply. Is there a way i can see how to make account payable project. I have the knowledge base documentation. there you have information about what the project is doing not how. I want to know how it is done.

Alse please can you give any documentation on how to make project directly on control tower not using studio.

We don’t have documentation on how to build sample recordings. These recordings exist for the sole purpose of demonstrating how Control Tower works and how the data is transferred from one bot task to the other bot (or manual) task.

It is possible to code bot tasks directly in Control Tower, although we do not recommend it as you can do it in the Code perspective in WorkFusion Studio. You can find documentation using the menu in RPA Express : Help - Help Contents - RPA Developer Guide.
You need to switch to the Code perspective to access this menu.