How to download Workfusion?

I had downloaded Workfusion express. But i can see only Bot Manager, Control Tower, OCR. I cannot see dashboard where i could create processes. Can you help me understand how can i download the required software to create a business process.

It is actually the Control Tower app.


Thankyou @azinchuk . I can’t see any business process usecase. When i click on create business process, usecase section is blank with no usecase to create.

yep, now you can create only processes from scratch. Or you can copy the existing ones and modify them -

Thanks @azinchuk…I am getting “Warning! The use case you have selected does not correspond to some columns in the upload file.” this message in the process…Can you please help resolve it

you can ignore this warning

@azinchuk … How can i edit my business process in WF Studio. Not able to “wfstudio://localhost:15280/workfusion/api/v1/studio/step/exported?compositeTaskUuid=f43fdde5-a734-49c8-8491-d18cb93d599d&campaignMapUuid=ca440e81-0b17-48d2-a512-0a902959bc66&protocol=http” open this link

please create a separate topic about this question in the SPA category.