How to End Execution

How to End Execution when Exception occurs. I want to stop further Execution of the commands when an Exception occurs


Hi Naveen, use Exception Handling action and leave the If an exception occurred block empty - the recording will stop once an exception occurs.

Thanks for the Reply.
I want to write the exception to a Log File inside the “If an exception occurred” using “Write to File” option and then Exit.

Is this option available in your licensed version.

Is there anyway to stop a robot, when some condition happens?
I mean: the execution control commands are always “disable”.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @trajano_leme
Use Exception Handling action:

Nice @ashapkina. But, imagine if an exception occurs… I would like to end the robot, to finish the execution. I believe the “stop” command should do that. But, the command appears disable.

@trajano_leme if you want the execution to stop after an exception occurs, leave If an exception occurred block empty, and add all the actions that need to be executed in case an exception doesn’t occur to the Try to complete block.

Execution Control actions (stop/pause) are not active yet, we are planning to implement them in future releases.