How to extract data from flowchart symbols using RPA Express



Hi guys,
I am new bee to RPA Express and I am trying to extract flowchart and generate a text file by explaining the flowchart. So I have to extract initially flowchart symbols… if anyone knows suggest me an idea… for ex. If I have a flowchart as attached

then i need output as Driving Instructions: keep driving forward. If is there a spotlight ahead? then if is the spotlight red? then stop else keep going else keep going if there is enough gas in the car then keep driving forward else find a petrol station and buy gas…

Please help me to solve this problems…



Please give us more details:

  • in which format do you have this diagram? (image - png, jpeg… or vector graphics - svg, ai… or XML)
  • what business case are you trying to automate?


HI azinchuk,
Thanks for your response… it will be in word document but presently I am trying to extract from png, because i need to confirm whether this use case will be possible or not



Currently the OCR feature is available for usage only from a business process in Control Tower.
In the next release, it will be available for usage in the RPA Recorder.


Can you please elaborate it by some steps… because I’m new bee for workfusion RPA Express


See this topic - For using OCR do we need to learn the groovy language