How to fetch forgot password link?

How to fetch forgot password link from Outlook 365 inbox using Workfusion RPA Express?

Hi @chandra_moulio,

It depends on the form of the link.

If there is the link with no anchor text in the body of the email, you can save its text using such custom script using a css selector you can get with the help of Inspector:

output = 'link'
def customScript() {
    def text = $('[CSSselector]').getText()
    link = RString.of(text)

Although, if the link has anchor text, it will get the text, not the link itself. In this case you can automate Outlook using clicks on Window controls: right-click on the text - copy link, and save the value from the clipboard to a variable.

Thanks Ashapkina for your reply and solution.

I am new to RPA express. Is there any documentation available around this in workFusion site?

My need again: I will get forgot password link in email (O365). I need to fetch that link only.


It looks like in this case it is better to go with the second approach.

There is documentation in the KB on:
Object recording

And training videos:

Hope it will be helpful