How to find a moving cell in excel

How can I find a cell in excel if the cell is in new rows each time I open the work book? The cell I want to find in the example below is D47, but next time I open the sheet it might be D49 instead. It will always be four cells to the right of “on balance” cell. Is it possible to find that text maybe and then skip three columns to the right?

@peter.lundin you can make a Window selector that will search for a cell with specific text. You can use Inspector to check if it works.

Selector [CLASS:DataItem; Text:On balance] show do the trick here.Then you can press {RIGHT} 4 times.

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Hi, thanks, however it doesn’t work. Text On balance doesn’t exist on the window, it says, even though it does?

@peter.lundin which version of RPA Express are you using?
I tried it in RPA Express 2.1.1., and it worked.

Perhaps, the text is different in the cell. Try copying it directly from the Inspector

I’m still on 2.0.1, perhaps that’s the the problem?

Yes, it might be. Since 2.1.0, we have a new Inspector that works much better with Excel.

Please try updating RPA Express.
If it still doesn’t solve this issue, send us the excel file you work with - we’ll test it.

@peter.lundin did you have a chance to update to a newer version? did it solve the issue?

I am going to get admin rights so that I can update today. Is there an instruction on how to update?

You just need to download the installer file, run it and select Update.
There is a short instruction in the KB:

I get this. No update option.

@peter.lundin this is SPA, not RPA Express.
Have you been using Inspector in WorkFusion Studio that is a part of SPA? In this case you need to contact your delivery manager regarding updates.

If you have RPA Express installed, you should get this Window when launching the Installer file

So this is not RPA? It’s SPA?

Yes, this is the RPA component of SPA. You will need to contact your delivery manager regarding the update to a newer version.

RPA Express is a separate tool that can be downloaded from our website:

Hi, another question linked to the first one is if the robot can find a certain sheet (based on the name of the sheet for example) in an excel book.

Yes, it can click on the Sheet based on its name.
Here is an example of the object selector for it.

It is also possible to store the name in a variable and then use the variable name in the selector as shown below.
Example: [CLASS:TabItem; NAME:SheetTab; TEXT:Sheet Tab ${sheet_name}]