How to find maximum date from the list?

I am having the list contains 5 dates like [8/16/2018 8/22/2018 8/22/2018 dummy 7/8/2018].how to get recent date from this list .kindly help on this @ashapkina

Try doing this:

  1. Create a String variable, and assign 1st value in the list to it.

  2. Using For Each loop, compare every element (starting from 2nd one) with this String value

  3. If the date in the element is bigger that that in this String, assign the element’s value to the String. In the end, the String variable will contain the biggest date.

@lakshmipriya_a here is a sample recording doing it.

it was done in RPA Express 2.1.2. (761 Bytes)

thank you so much :clap: ,it worked :bouquet:@ashapkina

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@lakshmipriya_a glad it helped :slightly_smiling_face: