How to generate next monday based on today's date?

Given a DateTime variable, how to find next Monday in customScript actions?

Say that this script is only to run on Fridays, and I want the next Monday. I’ve tried the following:

output = 'monday'

def customScript(){


def customScript(){

Which should be valid expressions.

Hi Jonathan,

You need to use java.time.Duration.ofDays

You can find similar samples of custom scripts in this topic

Hi Team,

I have to get previous day’s date.
previous day is Saturday or sunday ,then I should get Thursday’s date
if previous day is a business working day(Monday , Tuesday , Wednesday , Thursday , Friday ) then I should get previous day’s date only.

Please help me on this .

Thanks in advance.

@ravikumar177 follow the link above. You will find scripts to get the day of the week and calculate a new date there.
You workfliw will look as follows:

  • calculate yesterday’s date
  • get its day of week
  • if it is Sunday, subtract 3 days
  • it it is Saturday, subtract 2 days
  • otherwise, do nothing

Could you please share the code .
That will help me a lot.

Thanks in advance.

Here it is (936 Bytes)

Thank you so much @ashapkina