How to get BP sub-tasks details and statuses through WorkFusion REST API?



Is there any way to get status of some BP run including statuses or run uuids of all subtasks?
GET /task/{uuid} doesn’t provide any information about subtasks.
Ideally we would like to be able to get all information displayed on Business Process -> View Results -> Summary



Currently WorkFusion REST Api does not provide such details.

But this feature is being developed now. The operation name is /task/{uuid}/steps and it will respond with:

   "title": "string",
   "stepIndex": 0,
   "runUuid": "string",
   "runStatus": "DRAFT",
   "campaignUuid": "string",
   "type": "HUMAN",
   "finalStep": true,
   "stepPosition": "START",
   "componentUuid": "string",
   "versionUuid": "string"