How to get dynamic value from website



Hi guys, I have a question here:

How can I get dynamic item value from website, then fill them into Excel, for example:

I search “Kindle” in “”, then get 1000+ results. How can I get every results’ “Title Name”, “URL” and “Price” then fill them into a excel?

Thanks a lot if you can help.


You can do that with the help of web element action. Please refer to
This will be xpath based. Please note that you you have pagination you may need to loop thru the pages using loop.


Thanks very much for your help.

But after some digging, I was failed to use a loop: the search results’ XPath is same, and RPA Express seems only get the first result as a string(which I expect should be a list). Then, how can I move to the next item? is there any index or something?

Thanks again.



Can you share your automation script? This way it would be easier to help you with specific items you have.