How to get .rpae file from bot task


I have an xml file I created from a recording. Now I wanted to transfer this file to another system and can’t figure out how to get the .rpae file from this zip folder (this contains the configs, datastore, input,… folders).

Can someone help me?

@gautam_sharma how did you create your bot task, using drag-and-drop in the Recorder or through coding in the Studio?

I created it using the recorder and then exported it to code to get the xml file with all the configs, datastore folders and tried to open that folder on another system but can’t find the .rpae file

If you created it using the recorder, the .rpae file should be available in your workspace.
The default location (unless you selected other location when launching Studio) for the recordings is C:\Users\username\workfusion-workspace\rpae_project\recording_folder

All recordings are available in the rpae_project folder.

@ashapkina thanks. I just realized I was accessing the wrong folder

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Hi @ashapkina,

In my case, I didn’t originally create the bot task. It was published to Control Tower by someone else.
So, how can I get the .rpae file once I import the xml file into WF Studio.


@ebenezero try this solution