How to get signed-url from robotic plugin code for s3?

Hello, team, could you please help me to get the signed-url while uploading the file in minio?

I am able to fetch the direct URL from the robotic plugin code.

Diptiranjan Panda

Hello @diptiranjanpanda.
Could you please advise why do you need signed URL for uploading file? Is this some requirement of your project?

Thanks lera for your response .actually we are upload our excel report in the minio and providing the minio hyperlink in the email .

but when we are trying click the hyperlink the file is directly open in the browser in byte format. the file is not downloaded when we hit in the browser.

but when i manually copy the shareable link from minio and hit in the browser it automatically download the excel file.

coudl you please help me to generate the shareable code through robotic flow code so that i can download the file from mail minio shareable link

Thank you. Could you please check what is the link you sent via email? Is your link the same as described in our guide:
I’ve just tested one link and all works with FireFox and Chrome browsers, file is downloaded automatically.

In this case I recommend you to check browser settings. In my case, file was downloaded in both browsers. I’m using Chrome version 72.0.3626.121 and Firefox 65.0.2. I tried with .xls and .xlsx files and cannot reproduce your issue.
See my example below.

let me check and get back to you .Thanks a lot for your help

Hello @diptiranjanpanda,
Did you manage to resolve your issue?

Yes thanks a lot