How to get specified value from Web Table



I would like to get a value which meets specified condition from web table.
Concrete example is as below:

When the web table below is shown, I want to get the value of “Name” at the row whose “ID” equals A003. (In this case, I want to get ‘ccccc’.)
How should I implement that?

ID Name Age
A0001 aaaa 20
A0002 bbbb 25
A0003 ccccc 23
A0004 dddd 25

Data Scraping in RPA Express

I recommend storing the web table into a table variable.
Then loop at the table variable by row and use the condition
If ID=A0003
Then save name into name variable

Unfortunately there is no direct search function available in RPAx but this workaround worked for me in other occasions.


Thanks so much for giving me a solution.
I understood it well. However, my apology that I could not explain what I want to do.

Strictly, in this case, the value in “Name” column have http link. And then I want to click it. So, if I process using a table variable, I can’t identify the objective web element.

Do you have any suggestions?


@shinya_higasBR You can follow the steps provided by @timriewe, but instead of saving the value, you click on the link. You can use relative xpaths for it.


Thanks for your suggestion.

Excuse me. I haven’t understood the steps provided by @timriewe accurately. Could you tell me how to store the web table into a table variable. (I can store the web table into a list variable.)

Also, in the actual case, “ID” is unique, but “Name” is NOT necessariliy unique. So, I’m concerned that even if I use relative xpaths (i.e. “//td[contains(text(),‘ccccc’)]”), it could be the other link.


Hi @shinya_higasBR

Have you tried this one?

Web table scraping

Or this one:


Try saving the table to a table variable using this way Table scraping from browser


@shinya_higasBR I think, you can do something like this in this case, but with mouse click instead of web element, and the xpath will probably end with /a (depending on the table code). (1.4 KB)