How to get specified value from Web Table

I would like to get a value which meets specified condition from web table.
Concrete example is as below:

When the web table below is shown, I want to get the value of “Name” at the row whose “ID” equals A003. (In this case, I want to get ‘ccccc’.)
How should I implement that?

ID Name Age
A0001 aaaa 20
A0002 bbbb 25
A0003 ccccc 23
A0004 dddd 25

I recommend storing the web table into a table variable.
Then loop at the table variable by row and use the condition
If ID=A0003
Then save name into name variable

Unfortunately there is no direct search function available in RPAx but this workaround worked for me in other occasions.

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Thanks so much for giving me a solution.
I understood it well. However, my apology that I could not explain what I want to do.

Strictly, in this case, the value in “Name” column have http link. And then I want to click it. So, if I process using a table variable, I can’t identify the objective web element.

Do you have any suggestions?

@shinya_higasBR You can follow the steps provided by @timriewe, but instead of saving the value, you click on the link. You can use relative xpaths for it.

Thanks for your suggestion.

Excuse me. I haven’t understood the steps provided by @timriewe accurately. Could you tell me how to store the web table into a table variable. (I can store the web table into a list variable.)

Also, in the actual case, “ID” is unique, but “Name” is NOT necessariliy unique. So, I’m concerned that even if I use relative xpaths (i.e. “//td[contains(text(),‘ccccc’)]”), it could be the other link.

Hi @shinya_higasBR

Have you tried this one?

Web table scraping

Or this one:

Try saving the table to a table variable using this way Table scraping from browser

@shinya_higasBR I think, you can do something like this in this case, but with mouse click instead of web element, and the xpath will probably end with /a (depending on the table code). (1.4 KB)