How to get started with Intelligent Automation Cloud :iac:

You start using Intelligent Automation Cloud for automating your daily work fast and easily by following this simple plan :arrow_down:

1. Download Express Edition for free :robot:

Express Edition is absolutely free, and you can download it from our website and follow the steps in the installation guide to install it (check out the system requirements beforehand, too).

To get started right away, we recommend following the special Getting Started guide we have prepared for you in the Knowledge Base.

2. Learn WorkFusion Studio interface and main features :white_check_mark:

If you are a self-learner, you can get familiar with the interface yourself, by reading our Knowledge Base or asking fellow users about it on this Community Forum.

But the fasters way to learn it is to take a free course in our training portal Automation AcademyIntroduction to Intelligent Automation Cloud :academy:.
The course will take around 2 hours to complete and will tell you about the interface and main features of the application.

3. Start creating scripts :rocket:

There are several important learning resources that you can use to learn how to create scripts (we call them bot tasks :robot::robot:) in WorkFusion Studio. Don’t ignore any of them.

Building Bot Tasks :academy: course in Automation Academy is the main resource to learn how to use WorkFusion Studio.
It has training videos covering all main actions that you can use, links to useful articles in the Knowledge Base, examples of scripts that you can download and run, and, of course, assignments to learn the necessary bot-building skills in practice.

Knowledge Base contains documentation articles about all features of WorkFusion Studio and the Actions that you will need to use to create your bots, like:

If you have any questions, don’t shy away from asking them and looking for answers on this Forum.

4. Try the Business Edition for free :office:

After learning how to automate with WorkFusion Studio, try the Business edition to see how you can put together different tasks into coherent business processes, schedule them and combine the work of robots and people in the business processes.

You can do it in 2 ways:

  • By changing the setup yourself and starting the 30-day free trial; or
  • By requesting the demo from our team - they will walk you through the process in detail and provide the free 30-day trial to you.

To make the most out of the free trial, take our free community course that will show you how to scale Control Tower and other Business Components to improve and scale your automation – Mastering the business process :academy:. It will show you how to automate a business process based on a real-life use case.

And, of course, read in our Knowledge Base about the Business Components, such as:

  • Control Tower that you can use to create, manage and schedule business processes, as well as create and manage users; and
  • WorkSpace, where your employees can perform tasks and work side by side with robots.

6. See Enterprise Edition demo :star_struck:

Finally, see the demo of Intelligent Automation Cloud Enterprise Edition to see how you can scale your growing automation projects and add other capabilities, such as Learning Bots (AI), Analytics and Workforce Insights, Pre-emptive controls and other Enterprise features.


Hope this guide is helpful for you! :grinning:
Feel free to ask any questions below!

WorkFusion Team