How to get total number of links on web page

I have a table that contains document list and link to view the document. How can I get total number of documents present in the table . Number of document keeps on changing and is not fixed

@nsemwal Do you only need the number of the documents? Or do you need to save all document names and links?

I need to download all the documents by clicking on the link and then upload all those documents to other portal.

@nsemwal I think you could try something like this:

  1. Save table columns into list variables as in this example

  2. For each document name, click the corresponding link (click on the text).

  3. Increment the index by 1.

Hope this helps!

@ashapkina the links for which I am trying to automate the click are in Arabic language. I was able to get the list of the link available . But when I am trying to do mouse click on the basis of text It’s failing with below mentioned Error.

@nsemwal could you share a screenshot of the mouse click action?

I was able to download the documents from Arabic link

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