How to handle unexpected pop up message scenarios in ERP system?

Scenario : For in-house ERP system, would like the bot (free version rpa express cloud) handle unexpected pop up

I might have hard-coding logics for known pop up but sometimes I have encountered unexpected pop-up. I might have one option to kill ERP and re-launch ERP with the next record.

  1. do you know any better idea to skip records with unexpected pop-up and move to the next record?
  2. if my idea is correct (kill ERP and re-login), which function can I use “exception handling” or should I use “if condition” (waiting for “true” variable)

your answer would be really appreciated.

Hi @JIwoong

You can try to use exception handling. But as these pop-ups come randomly, I’m not sure that this will help. So just put killing ERP and re-login into “If an exception occured”.